Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Adults Start Here

All adults train together for a more rapid and uniform progression of skills. Click here to learn about getting started.


Our highly qualified instructors will give your kids the attention and care they need to succeed.

Skills & Drills

A fast-paced class focused on repetition drilling of important basic and advanced skills.

Fight Team Training

For all members of MMA fight team lead by Professional fighter Rob Sullivan. Invite only.

Breakfast Club

Conditioning & rolling for our members who are early risers.

Strength and Conditioning

30 minutes of intense conditioning training. Tuesdays is focused on body weight exercises while Thursdays is a grinding caveman circuit. Open to all students (male or female) including parents of any kids currently enrolled.

Submission Wrestling

No-Gi class focuses on takedowns, submissions and stamina. No Guard pulling here.

Bag Class

Designed to keep your pulse rising while working combinations on the heavy bag. Great for anyone just getting into boxing or kickboxing.

Open Mat

Put your new skills to the test during casual open mat time. Gi and no gi.

Serious Sundays

You can sleep when you're dead! Don your gi and continue to push yourself on Sundays at 11 am. No formal instruction, just open rolling and the opportunity to work on specific techniques.