It can take over 10 years to earn a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We have 4.

Baltimore BJJ was founded by Lee Synkowski in 2005 and is Baltimore County’s FIRST martial arts school dedicated to practical, modern methods of martial arts training. Monroe Hall joined as a head instructor in 2015, bringing dozens of training partners with him.

Over the years we have grown into bigger and better spaces. We now occupy 412 Eastern Boulevard in Essex. Our friendly gym has 2 large, separate mat areas so that we can run multiple classes at the same time. We have bathrooms and showers, and a spectator area for parents, family and friends to come and watch classes and promotions.

We regularly host seminars from the top BJJ players in the world, including Daniel Beleza and Rick Slomba.

A great place for beginners. A great place for anyone.

Sure, we have black, brown, and purple belts. Lots of them. But we also have dozens of blue belts continuing to improve daily and new people joining all the time. The friendly and ego-free environment provides a great place to get started whether your goals are to win worlds in BJJ (yes, that happened) or just to get in shape in one of our fitness conditioning classes.

We have men, women and kids. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and include doctors, lawyers, construction workers, graphic designers, students, chefs, social workers, business owners, etc. You're bound to meet and connect with people over common interests, and that connection is what makes it easier to continue your training and push yourself.